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The trends in science as evidence for Christianity against atheism (part 1)

The previous post in this series looked at some possible objections raised thus far. But in an earlier post, I said that science, taken as a whole, serves as evidence for Christianity over atheism. In this and the next post, I will focus specifically on the trends in scientific discoveries and show that they support Christianity […]

Answering objections: science as evidence for Christianity against atheism

In the previous post of this series, I said that Christianity can explain the two axioms of science starting from the attributes of God, whereas atheism, by starting from nothing, can explain nothing. Therefore the axioms of science counts as very strong evidence for Christianity. Basically, the atheistic explanation is: Step 1: There are no spirits […]

A real discussion on the problem of evil and omnipotence.

The following is an actual discussion that took place somewhere. I'm posting it because I think it illustrates many of the ideas behind my "Can God make a rock so heavy that he cannot lift it?" post, and shows them in a real setting. It also shows how many of the same ideas translate over […]

How physics fits within Christianity (part 2)

My previous post in this series examined what physics says about God. This post is about what God says about physics in particular, and science in general. There will be many parallels with the previous post, since natural revelation and special revelation must be in agreement, and we're just looking at one relationship from those […]

How physics fits within Christianity (part 1)

I have said: "So, no matter what your field of study is, it is based on God, and it is about God. It says something about God, and God says something about it. Your job, as a Christian who is in your particular field, is to find out what these "something"s are so that you […]

The word "If" does not apply to God

The word "if" does not apply to God. God is the ultimate being, the essence of existence, the one in whom reality itself finds root. All things exist by and through him. Consider the question, "if 2+2=5, what is the square root of 4?" The "if" in that question makes it nonsense, because if 2+2 […]

Can God make a rock so heavy that he cannot lift it?

This is something I wrote about a decade ago, on my old website which no longer exists. I still like it, so I reproduce it here with some minor edits. What I am about to write should not really be necessary. I am certain that a satisfactory discussion of the subject exists elsewhere, and the […]

Orthodoxy vs. living out the Gospel: which is more important?

"I consider this question part of a standard test for orthodoxy: any theological system which claims adherence to the system as being more important than living out the gospel fails." I posted that on the internet somewhere. This is written to explain what I meant by that. I do not want to imply that adherence […]

Miracles: their definition, properties, and purpose

There are some really terrible ways to define "miracle". Some of the worst definitions are "something that violates the laws of nature" or "a low probability event". Aside from the blatant biases embedded in these definitions, they are poor definitions in the sense that it is difficult to apply them to label real world events. […]

The Incarnation: Why did Jesus come into the world?

I have said that the universe was created so that Jesus could be born into in. Was it hard for God to create the universe? One may think so, and say that the greatest work of God was that he created. But I say that while Jesus was on earth, if he had sneezed in […]
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