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The unstated job requirements for being a data scientist (edit 1)

I'm continuing to write "The unstated job requirements for being a data scientist".

The unstated job requirements for being a data scientist

(This post is unfinished. Check back later.) This is the Triforce. (picture) In the Legend of Zelda franchise, these three triangular artifacts represent the virtues of courage, wisdom, and power. They are the ultimate force in their in-game universe, as they represent the essence of the creator goddesses and can grant any wish to those […]

Improving intra-site connectivity (part 18)

I'm still working on this project. The "all posts" page actually has some meaningful design changes.

Improving intra-site connectivity (part 17)

I'm still working on this project and still making decent enough progress.

Improving intra-site connectivity (part 16)

The connectivity project is coming along, and I've also made some updates to some recent posts.

Improving intra-site connectivity (part 15)

Now I'm back to the connectivity project after the eclipse post. I think I can see the end sometime soon.

A record of the total solar eclipse on 2024-04-08

Everyone who has actually seen totality is unanimous in how awesome it was. None of them even use any kind of reserved or qualifying language: nobody says that it was "kinda nice", or "pretty cool", or "quite pretty". No, their descriptions are always in the superlative form: "incredible phenomenon", "so beautiful", "10/10", "absolutely amazing". One man actually described today's eclipse in such terms to me, then only afterwards mentioned - almost in passing - that he had proposed to his girlfriend during totality.

Improving intra-site connectivity (part 14)

Happy belated Easter! I'm still working on the connectivity project - I think the design is mostly settled, and I need to do some more coding.

Improving intra-site connectivity (part 13)

I'm still working on this project. I'm also making some actual design changes, albeit minor, in preparation for the rest of the project.

Improving intra-site connectivity (part 12)

I'm still working on this project. I figured out some more things about layout.
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