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A moral evaluation of abortion (edit 1)

I'm continuing to work on "A moral evaluation of abortion".

Filled out tags, restructured categories

I'm still working on the categories/tags system for the site, to power further organization and navigation.

"All posts" page, and categories and tags

I'm continuing my work on the "All posts" page, which involves looping back to work on categories and tags. I've rearranged the category tree somewhat.

Still working on "All posts" page

I'm still working on adding category and tags filters to the "All posts" page.

Some backend changes, still working on "All posts" page

I've updated a major plugin that required some fixes, and tried migrating the site to a different server, as well as doing some work on the "All posts" page.

Adding filters to the "All posts" page

I'm working to add category and tags filters to the "All posts" page.

Working on the "All posts" page

I'm working on the various pages to improve navigation, and the next bit of work will be on the "All posts" page.

UI and search changes

More backend changes to make things look and work better.

More work on taxonomies and UI

I'm doing more work to improve the search and navigation within the site.

Categories, tags, and UI

Finished up the first pass of categories and tags for all the posts, and made some changes to the blog UI to accommodate them.
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