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Post-migration work: continuing image check

I'm continuing to replace images in my posts, and touching up miscellaneous features. Next up is "The universe is an MMO, and God is the game designer."

Post-migration work: image check

I'm continuing to replace images in my posts - next up is "Time spent on video games: worthwhile or wasteful?"

Post-migration work: other image replacement in code

I'm now done with updating "How to make a fractal" and "Sherlock Bayes, logical detective: a murder mystery game". That takes care of all the image replacements in the all the games coded in JavaScript in the blog.

Post-migration work: "15 puzzle: a tile sliding game"

I fixed up "15 puzzle: a tile sliding game". The fractal program is next.

Post-migration work: replacing images in code

The big questions brought up in my last post, about how to update the posts for this second pass, is still on my mind. I intend to spend some more time thinking about them. Meanwhile, there's still some basic work that can be done, without answering the big questions. I've updated the posts up to […]

Post-migration work: reconsidering post features

I've revised things up to Elsa's facial expressions during "Let It Go", in Disney's "Frozen", which was a decent-sized undertaking. But I'm wondering what is exactly involved in this second pass. As a brain dump, here's what I'm thinking: I'm trying to fix up all the major posts. This involves migrating all the images, and […]

Post-migration work: started up second pass

I got up to "How is God related to all other fields of study?", which is an important post that probably deserves a little more attention.

Post-migration work: finished up first pass at all posts

I've finished my first pass at fixing up the migrated posts. Now, none of them are horribly broken. I've actually begun a second pass, focusing on more minor details, which I hope will go quicker.

Post-migration work: up to the last eclipse

I'm continuing to fix up the old posts - and have gotten to "A record of the total solar eclipse on 2020-12-14".

Post-migration work: up to the Fuller House review

I'm continuing to fix up the old posts - and have gotten to "Fuller house: a short review". I think most of the remaining posts are fairly small, so I should be able to get through them fairly quickly - although there's further iterations of improvements that will be required for each post, for better […]
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