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Post-migration work: reconsidering post features

I've revised things up to Elsa's facial expressions during "Let It Go", in Disney's "Frozen", which was a decent-sized undertaking. But I'm wondering what is exactly involved in this second pass. As a brain dump, here's what I'm thinking: I'm trying to fix up all the major posts. This involves migrating all the images, and […]

Post-migration work: started up second pass

I got up to "How is God related to all other fields of study?", which is an important post that probably deserves a little more attention.

Post-migration work: finished up first pass at all posts

I've finished my first pass at fixing up the migrated posts. Now, none of them are horribly broken. I've actually begun a second pass, focusing on more minor details, which I hope will go quicker.

Post-migration work: up to the last eclipse

I'm continuing to fix up the old posts - and have gotten to "A record of the total solar eclipse on 2020-12-14".

Post-migration work: up to the Fuller House review

I'm continuing to fix up the old posts - and have gotten to "Fuller house: a short review". I think most of the remaining posts are fairly small, so I should be able to get through them fairly quickly - although there's further iterations of improvements that will be required for each post, for better […]

Post-migration work: up to the start of covid

I'm continuing to update posts for WordPress, up to the "On the coronavirus" post, and including the two massive posts on Frozen II.

Post-migration work: updating past Jupyter Notebooks

I've updated the Jupyter Notebooks for posts up to this point, which basically means updating them in the resurrection post. There are other past posts which involve Jupyter notebooks, but as they're meant to be "frozen" posts I prefer to keep them as-is, even if the formatting is now altered. The only remaining notebook that […]

Post-migration work: back to Jupyter Notebooks

I'm working on "How to insert a Jupyter Notebook into your WordPress post". As with other problems, I've solved the issue itself - Jupyter notebooks themselves work great now - but that's brought up some other issues.

Post-migration work: done with interpretation of Genesis, but...

This brought up a lot of other design issues, such as leaving a padding at the top for anchor links, using a table of contents, and the sticky header design. I'll look more into all of these.

Post-migration work: still working on the interpretation of Genesis

I'm still fixing up things like internal links, headings, and table of contents in the "Interpreting the Genesis creation story".
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