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Adding filters to the "All posts" page

I'm working to add category and tags filters to the "All posts" page.

Working on the "All posts" page

I'm working on the various pages to improve navigation, and the next bit of work will be on the "All posts" page.

UI and search changes

More backend changes to make things look and work better.

More work on taxonomies and UI

I'm doing more work to improve the search and navigation within the site.

Categories, tags, and UI

Finished up the first pass of categories and tags for all the posts, and made some changes to the blog UI to accommodate them.

Continuing to add categories and tags

I'm continuing to categories and tags to all the posts, and am nearly finished with the first pass.

Started adding categories and tags

I'm currently working on adding categories and tags to all the posts. This will take some time, and I'll probably need to go over the posts several times.

Working model for category and tags

Here is how I'm currently thinking about categories and tags for the site: Tags: There will be 4 levels of importance among posts, tagged by 3 tags: "essential", "major", (no tag), "minor" Posts tagged "minor" will not show up on searches, home page, etc. The highest level, "essential", is limited to ~10 posts. They'll get […]

Started experimenting with tags

This is the first step in getting the site to be more organized, allowing visitors to find important posts more easily.

Finished current set of edits, next steps

So now: All the images are hosted on-site All the docs (spreadsheets/slide decks) are as well, with only some links going to google docs for backup. The end-of-post linking is fixed, or nonexistent for the newer posts The start-of-post spacing is fixed Other/next things to do: Decide on major posts, which means deciding on tags/categories. […]
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