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Post-migration work: continuing post fixes

June 1, 2021
I've updated posts up to "Sherlock Bayes, logical detective: a murder mystery game", which was the last post to involve major JavaScript programming.

Multiple minor fixes

May 24, 2021
I finished up "Evidence for a historical Adam and Eve", and continued to fix up posts that may be broken due to the migration. I've currently checked up to "Adam and Eve were historical persons. Who were they? (Part 1)"

Evidence for a historical Adam and Eve (edit 1)

May 17, 2021
I'm continuing my work on the "Evidence for a historic Adam and Eve". Depending on how much I decide to go into the "frequently asked questions", this may go on for a bit longer.

Evidence for a historical Adam and Eve

May 10, 2021
Here is my claim: the scientific contents of my interpretation is a major piece of evidence for the veracity of the biblical account of Adam and Eve, and for Christianity as a whole. In other words, I’m not settling for mere “compatibility” with the known sciences; what we have here is actual, strong, positive evidence, and everyone needs to adjust their beliefs accordingly.

Post-migration work: analytics, post fixes

May 3, 2021
I'm continuing the re-building work after the migration. I'm currently going though the posts to see if any of them are completely broken. I'm currently at the "15 puzzle: a tile sliding game" post, which is known to be broken, as it requires custom JavaScript.

Post-migration work: front page

April 26, 2021
I'm continuing my work in re-building my site after migration. The archives template, which powers the front page, is now complete.

Post-migration work: basic layout, redirection

April 20, 2021
I'm continuing the work of re-building my site after migration. So far, I'm reasonably satisfied with the layout at the largest scales, and all the redirection from the old site is up and working. In the upcoming week, I'll put some more work into the layout (specifically with the front page and other "archive" template […]

Is evolutionary science in conflict with Adam and Eve?

April 12, 2021
I have contributed to a white paper mapping out the different ways to understand Adam and Eve alongside evolution. You can find it here. It turns out that there are a multitude of ways holding both at the same time - far larger than what is popularly conceived! The paper mainly points out this expansive […]

The first post on WordPress!

April 5, 2021
The migration was a success! Of course, there's still a ton of work to do. The site will be "under construction" for a while. But as of now, we have about 90% of the old functionality, in addition to some new features. Off the top of my head, here are some things that still need […]

The last post on Blogger

March 29, 2021
T-minus 1 week until migration. You may next want to read: The Gospel: the central message of ChristianityInterpreting the Genesis creation storyAnother post, from the table of contents
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