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Post-migration work: started on the resurrection post

July 6, 2021
"Bayesian evaluation for the likelihood of Christ's resurrection" is a big post. I've edited it down to the start of chapter 5.

Post-migration work: resurrection post next

June 29, 2021
I'm continuing to fix up formatting issues that came up during the migration. The next step is a big one - fixing up the massive "Bayesian evaluation for the likelihood of Christ's resurrection" post.

How to insert a Jupyter Notebook into your WordPress post

June 21, 2021
I do a lot of work in Jupyter Notebooks, and I often find it useful to post them in their entirety in a blog post. The following method is what I use. It requires no additional plugins or programs, and allows you to post the notebook as a non-interactive html element, as a Gutenberg block in your post.

Post-migration work: more general solution to code in blog

June 14, 2021
I've updated things up to "Bayesian evaluation for the likelihood of Christ's resurrection (Part 40)", using a quite general method for using code and custom HTML in the blog. In particular, I've worked out a way of presenting a jupyter notebook in a post.

Post-migration work: still continuing post fixes

June 8, 2021
I've updated up to "The two envelopes problem and its solution", where I run into another issue with programming issues within a post - I think I'll try to solve this a little bit differently so that it's more generally applicable.

Post-migration work: continuing post fixes

June 1, 2021
I've updated posts up to "Sherlock Bayes, logical detective: a murder mystery game", which was the last post to involve major JavaScript programming.

Multiple minor fixes

May 24, 2021
I finished up "Evidence for a historical Adam and Eve", and continued to fix up posts that may be broken due to the migration. I've currently checked up to "Adam and Eve were historical persons. Who were they? (Part 1)"

Evidence for a historical Adam and Eve (edit 1)

May 17, 2021
I'm continuing my work on the "Evidence for a historic Adam and Eve". Depending on how much I decide to go into the "frequently asked questions", this may go on for a bit longer.

Evidence for a historical Adam and Eve

May 10, 2021
Here is my claim: the scientific contents of my interpretation is a major piece of evidence for the veracity of the biblical account of Adam and Eve, and for Christianity as a whole. In other words, I’m not settling for mere “compatibility” with the known sciences; what we have here is actual, strong, positive evidence, and everyone needs to adjust their beliefs accordingly.

Post-migration work: analytics, post fixes

May 3, 2021
I'm continuing the re-building work after the migration. I'm currently going though the posts to see if any of them are completely broken. I'm currently at the "15 puzzle: a tile sliding game" post, which is known to be broken, as it requires custom JavaScript.
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