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Still working on "All posts" page

I'm still working on adding category and tags filters to the "All posts" page.

Some backend changes, still working on "All posts" page

I've updated a major plugin that required some fixes, and tried migrating the site to a different server, as well as doing some work on the "All posts" page.

Adding filters to the "All posts" page

I'm working to add category and tags filters to the "All posts" page.

Working on the "All posts" page

I'm working on the various pages to improve navigation, and the next bit of work will be on the "All posts" page.

UI and search changes

More backend changes to make things look and work better.

More work on taxonomies and UI

I'm doing more work to improve the search and navigation within the site.

The meaning of faith - an exploration of Hebrews 11

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen" - Heb. 11:1 This is a key verse in understanding what the Bible means by "faith". So what does it say? First, let's note that the words here can be applied in quite a mundane manner. I think doing so […]

Categories, tags, and UI

Finished up the first pass of categories and tags for all the posts, and made some changes to the blog UI to accommodate them.

Easter, perfect play, and the best of all possible histories

Some have said that if a perfect God exists, then we must live in the best of all possible worlds. Others have said that since this is clearly not the case, God cannot exist. Others still have said that we must actually live in the worst of all possible worlds, since if it were any worse it could not continue to exist. What should we make of these observations, and how are they related to games?

Continuing to add categories and tags

I'm continuing to categories and tags to all the posts, and am nearly finished with the first pass.
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