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Can God make a rock so heavy that he cannot lift it?

January 13, 2014
This is something I wrote about a decade ago, on my old website which no longer exists. I still like it, so I reproduce it here with some minor edits. What I am about to write should not really be necessary. I am certain that a satisfactory discussion of the subject exists elsewhere, and the […]

Orthodoxy vs. living out the Gospel: which is more important?

January 9, 2014
"I consider this question part of a standard test for orthodoxy: any theological system which claims adherence to the system as being more important than living out the gospel fails." I posted that on the internet somewhere. This is written to explain what I meant by that. I do not want to imply that adherence […]

Miracles: their definition, properties, and purpose

January 6, 2014
There are some really terrible ways to define "miracle". Some of the worst definitions are "something that violates the laws of nature" or "a low probability event". Aside from the blatant biases embedded in these definitions, they are poor definitions in the sense that it is difficult to apply them to label real world events. […]

An analysis of "Let It Go" in Disney's "Frozen"

January 2, 2014
Image: by Alice X. Zhang (This post contains spoilers. Go watch "Frozen" before you read it) Disney's latest film "Frozen" is receiving rave reviews, and the song "Let It Go" is one of the highlights of the film. Don't take my word for it - Wikipedia, as usual, is great for such simple background facts. […]

The Incarnation: Why did Jesus come into the world?

December 30, 2013
I have said that the universe was created so that Jesus could be born into in. Was it hard for God to create the universe? One may think so, and say that the greatest work of God was that he created. But I say that while Jesus was on earth, if he had sneezed in […]

Jesus is like these things in his incarnate nature:

December 26, 2013
Jesus is like units, such as meters (m), kilograms (kg), or seconds (s). Units connect numbers with physical things, like Jesus connects the spiritual and the physical world. Jesus is like a good experiment. Experiments are the bridge between theory, math, and philosophy on one side, and engineering and real life applications on the other […]

For Christmas: the Incarnation

December 23, 2013
Have you ever seen a number? For example, the number one? Many people will answer, "Of course! Everyone has seen '1'. It's one of the first things that you learn, as a baby!" But '1' is not the number one - it is a character that represents that abstract concept of the number one. Different […]

How is God related to all other fields of study?

December 20, 2013
**The following is an outline of a Bible study I lead for a group of college students.** WARM-UP: (Ask to the whole group) Does anyone know what the Shema is? It begins: "Hear, O Israel, the LORD our God, the LORD is one. (Deut. 6.4)" (Have the students ask one another in small groups) What is your […]

"Proving" God's existence

December 16, 2013
Any god who needs to submit himself to an external system of proof to validate his existence is of little interest to me. The God I worship is the very source of all such systems of proof, whether they be logical, mathematical, scientific, archaeological, or historical. How will these systems prove that my God exists, […]


December 12, 2013
Fundamental postulate: God, as revealed in Jesus Christ You may next want to read:The Gospel: the central message of ChristianityAnother post, from the table of contents
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