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Come visit my church

I attend a church called Tribe, in Berkeley, California. You can find our website at

I obviously think that my church is pretty great - I've been going there for about a decade now. I'd like to invite anyone who reads this post to come by for a Sunday service. Everyone is welcome, and you're especially welcome if you're a student at U.C. Berkeley. If you can't make it yourself but know a friend or a relative who's new to the Bay Area, feel free to suggest us to them.

We have lots of families, and a good number of young professionals and college students. The large number of families also mean a large number of kids - we have babies and toddlers and students at every level from elementary school to high school. All told, I think we have a little less than a hundred people in the congregation.

We're located at 2509 Hillegass Ave, Berkeley, CA. That's literally just a stone's throw away if you're a Berkeley student living in Unit 2 (a U.C. Berkeley Dorm). Our service starts at 11AM, and we sometimes serve lunch afterwards.

We are a church that believes in the centrality of Christ, of his person and his teachings. We furthermore believe that the Bible is unequivocally true and reliable - a revelation from God concerning Christ and everything else we need to know about what God wants from us.

There are ample opportunities to serve at our church, from helping out with the kids in Sunday School to working with an independent non-profit group that works closely with our church. We're always looking for volunteers and there's always work to be done.

Also, now would be a good time to point out that this blog has no official connection to the church. This is just my personal blog, and I'm just a guy who goes to my church. Although you can obviously infer things about a church from the kind of people who go there, you shouldn't assume that I speak for the church in any of the things I've said here on my blog.

If my description of the church sounds right for you, come on by!

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  1. And this is where geography gets completely in the way. I'd love to drop in for a visit some day, but it's kinda a long way from here 🙂 Maybe some day I'll be passing through. And hey, if ever you find yourself in Melbourne (the real one, in Australia, not Florida's replica!), come say hello!

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