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How to make a fractal: version 2.1

The latest version of my fractal program has been updated, and it can be found at:

How to make a fractal (

It features some improvements, including the ability to generate high-iteration, high-quality pictures with pretty colors, and the ability to jump straight to seeing the full fractals. Give it a try!

I've decided to change up how I post my programs which are improved upon and published over multiple posts. From here on out I'll update the initial post with the latest version of the program, instead of putting that latest version in a new post. This allows my viewers to keep the same link to the program, and maintains my page ranking for search engines over multiple updates. It also means that the different versions of my fractal programs have to be moved around, and that only the latest version is available. I apologize for any inconveniences, but I estimate that it will only be a small inconvenience compared to the benefit it provides.

It also allows me to use the new post to talk about the new features have been implemented. For instance, you can now generate pictures like the following! (Use the "refine this picture" button once you get to the full fractals)

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