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My facebook post on Easter 2019

This is a copy of my post on Facebook, which I put up on Easter. It is here as a fixed-link reference for people who don't frequent Facebook.

The $20,000 offer is currently only open to people who are at least a friend-of-a-friend with me. But I do want all of my readers to know what's going on with my series on the resurrection, and I expect that the offer will open up to many more people in the future.

1. Christ is risen.

2. For the past few years, I've been working on an empirical, historical, mathematical, and statistical proof of this fact.

3. I have $20,000 for any of my friends, or friends-of-friends, who can convince me of any flaws in my work which would nullify its central thesis.

4. I am looking to hire some people with certain expertise to look over my work and critique it with me. I'd like some referrals. See below for details.

Things to note about point 3:

This is not a bet or a challenge. I'm thinking of the $20,000 more as a payment for a service. There is no money to be gained on my end, and I expect a discussion, not an argument.

This is why this offer is only open to people who are at least friend-of-a-friend with me, and not to everyone. It's also why you actually have to convince me.

A "friend of a friend" will need a personal introduction to me from a friend of mine.

The $20,000 will be split among the number of people involved - if it's just one person (a personal friend of mine), they get all $20,000. If it's a friend of a friend, then it will be split, $10,000 each, between the friend-of-a-friend, and my friend who's doing the introducing. Either of these portions may be split further if there are multiple people involved in that stage.

This also means that you should introduce people to me and my work! You may pick up $10,000 just from doing so!

Don't worry about what it would take to convince me. A quick read of my work would show you that it's based entirely on empirical observations and mathematical reasoning. If you want to convince me, those are your tools.

Don't worry about taking my money. I would be genuinely grateful to anyone who gave my work a good read, and finding a genuine, fatal flaw, if one exists, would easily be worth $20,000 to me. In fact, in the future I will only continue to make that offer to a widening circle of people, until I eventually throw it at publishing and popularizing my work. So finding any errors now would be a huge service to me.

This offer replaces last year's offer.

Things to note about point 4:

Specifically, I'm looking for a statistician with an advanced degree who's familiar with Bayesian reasoning in real-world scenarios, and a historian who's familiar with the ancient Greco-Roman world and world mythologies. They must be willing to argue forcefully with me, and expect to receive the same. I'm still deciding on the specific details of what the work will involve, but I'm looking to spend around a couple of grand on this total - maybe around a grand each for each of the two people involved, for several days worth of work. If you know anyone who would be qualified, and is up for such a gig, let me know.

Here's the link to my work:

So, happy Easter to you all! And if anyone wants to just meet and talk about this work, I'll buy you lunch!

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