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Working model for category and tags

Here is how I'm currently thinking about categories and tags for the site:

  • Tags:
    • There will be 4 levels of importance among posts, tagged by 3 tags:
      • "essential", "major", (no tag), "minor"
      • Posts tagged "minor" will not show up on searches, home page, etc.
      • The highest level, "essential", is limited to ~10 posts. They'll get more exposure throughout the site.
    • In addition, there will be a "fragment" tag which indicates that a post is a small part of a long series of posts, which is consolidated in another post.
  • Categories:
    • The category tree will look something like this, as an example:
    • theology
      • Genesis
      • resurrection
      • Christology
      • Gospel
      • morality
    • philosophy
      • logic
    • math
      • statistics
    • science
    • pop culture
      • movies
        • Frozen
    • politics

All of this is subject to change, but I'll be implementing some version of this over the coming weeks.

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