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New banner and icon for the blog

I've decided to try my hand at graphics design, to draw the banner and the icon for this blog. The following are some earlier drafts. Hopefully, they illuminate the meaning behind the blog's name. Here are the results, the final designs for the banner and the icon. They're what appears on the blog now. You […]

How to make a fractal: version 2.0

The latest version of my fractal program can be found at: How to make a fractal ( It features many improvements, including an overhaul of the user interface and lots of new features. You may next want to read: What is "evidence"? What counts as evidence for a certain position? 15 puzzle: a tile sliding […]

NaClhv will now update every Monday

I don't think I have any readers yet who check for every update, but I should still be thorough. When I started this blog, I was thinking that a typical post would maybe be around 300 words, consisting of some insightful comments, but not requiring a substantial organization and systematization of my thoughts. Well, it […]
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